Phares scellés à DEL

Avec des feux ronds de sept pouces et des feux rectangulaires de cinq par sept pouces et de quatre par six pouces, vous pouvez remplacer vos feux existants par les feux résistants et durables à DEL qui font la renommée de Grote. La technologie à DEL permet de réduire la fatigue oculaire et de fournir une meilleure visibilité, améliorant ainsi la sécurité du conducteur. Ces systèmes d'éclairage avant 2B1, 2D1 et 2E1 sont dotés de systèmes à 3 broches, d'un connecteur H4 et sont légaux et conformes à la norme DOT.
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64H71-5Phare à DEL chauffant 7 po


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Caractéristiques techniques
  • Protection contre l'infiltration : IP67
  • Matériau : Lentille en verre, Boîtier en aluminium moulé
  • Tension : 12 V à 30 V
  • Type de raccordement : H4
  • Ampères : 0,89 A - 4,5 A @ 12 V
  • Norme : FMVSS 108
  • Couleur du boîtier : Noir 
  • Hauteur : 7"
  • Température de fonctionnement : -40 °C (-40 °F) à 85 °C (185 °F)
  • Couleur d'éclairage : 5500 - 6300
  • Lumens : Phare de route 1550L - Phare de croisement 1550L
  • Chauffant (O/N) : O
  • Type d'emballage: Au détail
  • Largeur : 7"
  • Watts: 55 W (Chauffage - Phare de route)
Caractéristiques et avantages
  • Améliore l'expérience de conduite en diminuant la fatigue des yeux et en permettant de percevoir plus de détails, diminuant ainsi les risques d'accidents.

Autres renseignements

Les phares à DEL paraissent plus éclatants qu'un éclairage équivalent à l'halogène ou à haute intensité, et leur éclat se rapproche davantage de la lumière solaire naturelle. Cela permet de mieux détecter les dangers de la route et d'éviter plus facilement les collisions.


Les modèles 94411-5 et 94421-5 comprennent un adaptateur 68630 pour applications de câblage non standard. Le modèle 94401-5 comprend un bloc d'adaptateur pour harnais de type 2E1.

Photos des applications

Jeep avec barre de feux et phares à DEL de Grote Jeep avec phares à DEL et phares antibrouillard de Grote Phare à DEL sur une motocyclette Jeep avec barre de feux et phares à DEL de Grote LED Headlight on CJ Scrambler

Commentaires des clients

  • 64J61-5

    These lights are excellent. My Suzuki Samurai had the same Sylvania Halogens I installed on it back in 1998 when I got it. To be fair, never stopped working in this 23 years since. But needed more power and wanted to make my Jeep more visible as well. Grote lamps fit like a glove, no issues whatsoever, like installing OEM lamps. Great performance. For added power off-road I also have off-road lamps, but for everyday use Grote is the deal!

    Jaime A Aug 13, 2021

  • 94421-5

    I installed these lights on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler LJ and WOW!!! I have installed many LED lights on Jeeps over the years and I have been impressed with the form, fit, and function of these over others I have used in the past. They truly light up the night and make a world of difference when driving on the street and on the trail. Another huge selling point for me on these is they fit the build. Not a fan of the 'new style' type lights folks are putting on their older style Jeeps. These give you the best of both worlds. Classic styling and performance! I have had them installed for a few months now and no issues with flickering, becoming lose, etc. Just ordered another set for my 2005 LJ.

    Luke B Aug 11, 2020

  • 90941-5

    The Grote 90941-5 is an excellent driving lamp. The only problem is the fit in the holder assembly. The back side of the reflector has a larger radius protruding out which holds the lamp out approximately an 1/8” from properly seating on many vehicles listed as a direct fit. Depending on how you tighten the retainer ring the lamp will be pointed in a different position. Shims will take care of the problem. The excellent performance of this product makes the extra installation time worth it.

    Steve L Oct 03, 2019

  • 90951-5

    Installs easily, works great in normal/clear weather conditions. During snow storm or heavy rain they do not perform very well, the light beam spills to high (higher than regular seal beams) so when driving in snow fall or rain condition the reflection on the snow or rain creates a white wall (normally only created when driving with the high beams on ) that reduces visibility to almost nothing. Will most likely try to get a refund and buy and other brand.

    Charles B Feb 27, 2019

  • 90941-5

    I installed these on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited after suffering for years with sealed beam halogens. Installation is as easy as replacing the headlight - nothing special required other than T15 Torx drivers to remove the factory bezel and retaining ring. After a few minutes of adjustments they were ready to go. The light output is bright, white, and clearly illuminates the road, unlike cheap sealed beam halogens. The beam pattern is even across the road with broad hot-spots directly in front, and light is cast evenly to either side to illuminate lane markings. Properly adjusted you can see the road in all weather conditions and you won't blind opposing or forward traffic. The beam cut-off and hot-spots make adjustment easy. I have no reservation recommending these and will definitely purchase them again if the need arises.

    Jeffrey K Dec 03, 2018

  • 90941-5

    Got a set installed on my 2014 Willys Wrangler JK just over a year ago. These are amazing and the increased lighting, visibility especially, during wet night driving is improved 1000%. I was wondering how they would be during our Atlantic Canada winters weather conditions, I would strongly recommend these for your vehicle, no issues!

    Emery L Nov 29, 2017

  • 90941-5

    LED lighting is an amazing leap forward for motorcycles. Incandescent lighting for a bike has always been very poor. Since I have switched over on my 2001 Harley Davidson FLHTPI I have seen the advantages immediately. Not only do I get a more crisp and better view at night, but I'm better seen during the day. Which is a huge bonus since most bikes are involved in accidents due to "not being seen". Friends have descibed the light even during the day as "stunning". At night, the LED almost seems to inhance the reflective on road signs making them much eaiser to make out when hitting the twisty roads or street signs. One of the biggest advantages that I like though, is the way the LED performs on a rainy night. Incandescent lighting always gets "sucked" into the wet road and is still hard to see. LED doesn't get effected that way and gives great view by still illuminating the road ahead. It also works well with the fog. I always suggest to people who ask about my lighting that they should invest in doing the same.

    Michael W Jun 16, 2016

  • 90941-5

    I installed these in my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. These headlights are an excellent upgrade over the stock factory headlights. Much greater visibility at night and a much nicer white light vs the factory yellow lights. Installation was very simple and can be don't in just a few minutes with simple hand tools. This is a high quality product at a very good price point. Highly recommended.

    Brent T May 02, 2016

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