Lampes de travail à DEL BriteZone™

La gamme BriteZone™ de Grote, offrant des lampes à DEL abordables, a été conçue pour fonctionner quand vous en avez besoin; pas d'excuse. Par bon ou mauvais temps, de jour ou de nuit, mouillées ou sèches, la conception, la qualité et la performance de marque Grote sont exposées. Avec une construction robuste et durable et une puissance à DEL qui surpasse de loin une lampe de travail halogène, les lampes BriteZone™ font le travail.
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Caractéristiques techniques
  • Tension : 10 à 30 volts CC
  • Couleur de la lentille : Clair
  • Ampères : 2,13 A à 12 V CC
  • VMRS : 034 006-031
  • Matériau : Lentille en polycarbonate, Boîtier en aluminium moulé
  • Finition : Peint à la poudre noire
  • Type de montage : Encastré
  • Type de raccordement : Deutsch
  • Faisceau d'éclairage : À faisceau large
  • Lumens : 3600
  • Couleur du boîtier : Noir 
  • Type d'emballage: Au détail
  • Nombre de fils: 2
Caractéristiques et avantages
  • Prix économique qui conviendra à votre budget
  • Construction robuste et durable
  • Permet d'éclairer les dépanneuses, les camions à ordures et les chariots-élévateurs d'usage similaire – sans vous ruiner
  • Puissance à DEL qui surpasse de loin une lampe de travail halogène

Pièces de rechange, outils et accessoires

Autres renseignements

La mobilité rencontre le bon rapport qualité/prix. La lampe de travail à main utilisable partout est toujours prête. 1100 lumens bruts alimentés par six DEL très lumineuses pour éclairer n'importe quel projet, où que vous alliez. Cette lampe peut être montée sur presque toutes les surfaces métalliques grâce à sa base magnétique et peut être rechargée sur place avec son chargeur pour voiture et mural qui sont inclus.

Photos des applications

Feux à DEL BZ551-5 sur une chargeuse déplaçant des piles de roc la nuit Feu à DEL BriteZone bz201-5 sur un chariot-élévateur avec conducteur BriteZone product bz101-5 LED Light on Fork Lift Lampe de travail à DEL BriteZone BZ301-5 sur chariot-élévateur Feux à DEL BriteZone sur un VTT hors route Feu à DEL BriteZone bz201-5 sur chariot-élévateur Mécanicien utilisant une lampe de travail à DEL BriteZone pour regarder sous un capot Mécanicien automobile utilisant une lampe de travail à DEL sous un véhicule Feux à DEL BriteZone sur un VTT hors route

Commentaires des clients

  • BZ401-5

    I love the handiness and brightness of this light. I am under trucks in a pit quite often. This light is bright and crystal clear. The magnets are solid and quite strong. The grommet on the wire jumper had pulled out of the handle when adjusting the light but was easy to put back in. The battery charger connection can get liquids and grease in it which I feel will be an issue in the future but that is also the environment I am in. Love the light. Gift it to a mechanic and he will have the other mechanics jealous. This light is amazingly bright on the side of the road at night. Thank you Grote!

    Joe K Dec 14, 2019

  • BZ501-5

    This is a great product. I have bought 3 already and will be getting more. Long life and very bright plus you can set it down much better that a traditional flashlight.

    Nick F Oct 11, 2018

  • BZ301-5

    Needed extra light backing up driveway. This light really delivered!!!! Low cost, sturdy and an easy install.

    Frank L Nov 07, 2017

  • BZ501-5

    Bought this light for work. Some of the guys I work with bought the Ecco rechargeable lights and theirs die way before my Grote rechargeable light does. I am a boilermaker in central California and I am always inside boilers working in dark places. This light is a great product, and the magnetic base is an awesome feature. Well worth the money for a great product, and a 2 year warranty! Thanks for providing a great product Grote!

    Chris R Aug 19, 2017

  • BZ101-5

    I own a mobile truck repair business and with a family and being a one man army, where my money goes is very important to me. Here in Phoenix you have to work at night, now I don't have to. Whenever I buy something for my truck it is a reflection of me, the quality, reliability, and cost are all superior. Now I'm selling these lights to all my customers.

    Kevin L Jul 15, 2016

  • BZ501-5

    This light is great for working around the house or car. I love the two intensity modes, one for when you really need a lot of light and this light really puts out the light and one mode that is dimmer for when less is best. What I really like is the output of light with no heat to burn yourself like a hi intensity light and much better light than the fluorescent work lights available. Also great because it is rechargeable so no replacement batteries are needed and the charge last a long time. I highly recommend this product.

    Jack H Jun 24, 2016

  • BZ501-5

    I am the shop manager for ABF Freight Systems in Winston-Salem N.C. I recently purchased the BZ501-5 LED WORK LIGHT. I bought one to try and my techs were really impressed with it So we purchased 5 more. It is so much better than the drop lights and not to mention so much brighter. It has really made a difference in the being able to see what you are doing under a trailer. I have had several techs purchase one of their own to take home to use. THIS IS ONE GOOD PRODUCT AND I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!

    CHUCK N Jun 21, 2016

  • BZ601-5

    Compact and Brite. Great Price.

    Robert J Jun 20, 2016

  • BZ501-5

    I am an automotive technician by trade and I am a sucker for led lighting, especially rechargeable ones. I have 3 kids and I hate replacing batteries, all...the...time! The brightness level on this light is amazing and works well for all the dark, hard to see spaces under the hood of a car. The second setting, which is dimmer, is also nice when not much light is needed so that you can save battery power. Even though the battery life on this thing last a considerably long time. The third strobe/flash setting is cool too in case I get trapped under the car and I have to Morse code my co-worker for help. It is a nice feature that even my work flashlight has and I'm sure will serve it's purpose someday. The overall structure of this light is very rugged and seems it will last through years of use that I will definitely put it through. I like that the magnetic base is covered to protect the surfaces it comes in contact with, like painted car surfaces. The charge indicator light is another "big" plus, the fact that it turns from red to green when fully charged takes all the guess work out of it. Don't have to worry about overcharging anymore! I am overall very satisfied with this product and I plan on buying 2 more in the near future. One for my wife's car for any just in case moments, and one to throw in the family's camping gear to light up any furry critters that try to intrude on us. Both uses will benefit from the included car charger. Thanks for making a great product!

    Jonathan C Jun 02, 2016

  • BZ101-5

    I bought 4 of them to put on my tractor for planting. it lite it up like day light best thing every for the price.

    Dave H May 27, 2016

  • BZ301-5

    Bought a set of these from Chris at Aline auto parts in Round rock last week. These work great on my Polaris Ranger. I think I will go back and get some for the golf cart also.

    Rick S May 03, 2016

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